Northwest Indian Sunmask, represents warmth and light to counterbalance the chill and darkness of violent death
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Northwest Indian Sunmask, represents warmth and light to counterbalance the chill and darkness of violent death.
Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers featuring Dr. Ted Rynearson
In this program, a panel of experts considers two case studies from videotaped interviews with patients Dr. Ted Rynearson treated after the violent deaths of members of their families. The purpose is to provide clinicians, social workers, clergy and caregivers engaged in long term support with families after a violent death, helpful strategies to diminish the emotional distress of violent dying bereavement.

The panel discussion is divided into three sections corresponding with three common, psychological responses to a violent death.

This program covers:

Phase 1. Intense Separation & Trauma Distress: The immediate challenge following a violent death is overwhelming distress related to both the reality of death (separation distress), as well as the reality of violent dying (trauma distress).

Phase 2. Reframing Dying and Nurturing Imagery: The next challenge involves revising and synthesizing the traumatic memories of the killing with the nurturing memories of the deceased.

Phase 3. Meaningful Reengagement: A later challenge is in establishing a meaningful reconnection with the flow of life - beyond the tragedy of violent death - by a hopeful recommitment with valued activities and relationships.

Our panelists:
Dr. Ted Rynearson, Dr. Charles Figley, Dr. Alison Salloum, Janice Harris Lord, ACSW

RT: Panel Discussion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47:32 Minutes
RT:Two Clinical Interviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62:09 Minutes
Produced by Gift From Within- A Non-profit Organization Serving PTSD Clients and Counselors

Order Program. Intro by Ted Rynearson | Panel Discussion
Review by Daniel W. Clark, Ph.D.
WA State Patrol Psychologist

Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers effectively offers helpful strategies for supporting families dealing with the emotional distress of a violent death. Dr. Ted Rynearson, a prominent psychiatrist, opens the video by recommending clinicians, clergy, and caregivers shift their focus from the death itself to the longer term needs of loved ones dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one to violent death.

The video is organized around two clinical cases: Ms. Walker, who lost three children to violent death, and Mr. and Mrs. Yarborough, whose 17 year old daughter was murdered. Each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes, and is followed by a 45 minute discussion by a panel of experts, including Charles Figley, PhD, Alison Salloum, PhD, Janice Harris Lord, ACSW, and Ted Rynearson, MD, all noted clinicians.

The panel discussion addresses three psychological responses. The first is intense separation and trauma distress, which is the immediate challenge for families. The experts in this section recommend that families be given the facts of their loved ones death, when they feel ready for that information. Lacking such factual information, many family members, including children, create vivid fantasies about the death, which can be more harmful then the facts themselves.

The second response is reframing dying. Dr. Rynearson recommends asking patients about their concept of death - what do they think occurs? Spiritual beliefs may play an important role, both explanatory and comforting. Also important is listening to survivors tell their story. The experts remind the helpers that they should listen to the family members without imposing their own beliefs.

The third response is meaningful reengagement. The panel highlights the importance of supportive family and friends, the importance of "just being there," and the importance of letting the process develop over time without trying to rush it. Both sets of surviving parents in their clinical interviews, and the panel, discuss the importance and meaningfulness of reaching out to others, after time.

The video effectively uses the DVD format, opening with a menu of topics. From the menu, viewers can choose the introduction, either one of the clinical interviews, the panel discussion, or the conclusion. The panel discussion is edited into chapters reflecting the three common psychological detailed above. This format allows viewers to reference their topic of interest directly and easily.

Resiliency After Violent Death: Lessons for Caregivers is an informative, professional quality video which many clinicians, chaplains, caregivers and instructors/students will find useful. This is certainly another video produced by Gift from Within which is worthy of adding to your audio-visual library.
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